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The Headless Coachman of Coltishall

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True tales of ghastly Norwich poisoners

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John Stratford, the dumpling poisoner: He was the first man to be executed on the roof of the new city gaol just outside St Giles’ Gates (now St John’s Roman Catholic Cathedral). A huge crowd gathered to watch. The church tower at St Giles was let for 2 so people could get a better view of the hanging.

  Charles Dames, the Hempnall poisoner: He was executed in 1839 for the attempted murder of his wife by putting arsenic in her tea. He admitted he tried to kifi her with arsenic on two previous occasions, once in fried potatoes and once in pea soup.

Mary Neal and her daughter Susan: In 1825 the pair were charged with attempting to murder Wffliam Hales and his family by poison.

Happisburgh poisoning: In 1846, 77-year-old Jonathan Balls, his wife and four grandchildren died. Their bodies were exhumed for testing. After his death, various people remembered how other family members had died suspiciously.

John Pycraft: Abominable and deliberate. John Pycraft intended to poison his wife but killed their baby He was described as "diminutive and decrepit". Thousands watched as he was hanged on Castle Hill in Norwich of 1819.

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